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Crash Tests

Our "Safety Checklist" has details on various technologies a car can hold that improves safety.

Fuel Economy

Pay attention to engine size, transmission, cruise control, & car type (hybrid/electric).


Comparing repair costs & warranties beforehand can save you thousands down the road.


Changing the oil and oil filter and average repair costs are important maintenance considerations.


A car’s design and accident history are both important factoes which affect your insurance rates.


Where you live is a factor in how long your tires will last.

Showroom Strategies

If you know what to expect, you’ll have a much better chance of getting a really good deal!


A significant safety challenge, especially with SUVs, pickups and vans.

The Car Book is produced by the Center for Auto Safety, an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for auto safety, quality, and fuel economy on behalf of our members and all drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.


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